Why Jordan?


 There are many reasons that make learners of Arabic choose Jordan. Here are 10 of the major reasons for studying in Jordan:

 1) Jordan is a very secure and safe country where people can stay peacefully enjoying the friendly environment and learn Arabic without any worries about the daily safety and security.

 2) The Jordanian dialect is a very moderate dialect that is very close to Standard Arabic and understandable all over the Arab World. This fact will save learners' time and efforts. If they learn the Jordanian dialect and move to any other part of the Arab World, they won't need to readjust their linguistic knowledge to fit in the new place. In Jordan they learn a moderate variety that can be used and understood anywhere.

3) Jordan is a small country that is relatively poor in its natural resources, but it is a proud country to have distinguished experts and scholars that make it really rich with its invaluable human resources. This makes the location of JLA a very distinguished one and gives us a very special opportunity to benefit from these experts by working with them and assisting our enthusiastic students.

4) Jordanians are very friendly people and the Jordanian society is open to the guests of Jordan.  People are always ready to help and talk to you. This makes practicing the language and living with local families a very enjoyable thing. Moreover, Jordanian institutions welcome foreign people to volunteer and work for them. They are open and glad to have our students.

5) We believe that Jordan in particular and the Levant in general has the best climate on earth.  In Jordan, you can enjoy the four seasons and follow the natural calendar to see and believe the beauty of the country all over the year. It is not too cold not too hot not humid not too dry and dusty. Simply, it is just perfect.

6) Generally speaking, all the areas and streets of Jordan are safe and secure. Jordan doesn't  have an area where visitors of the country are warned not to visit. All streets and neighborhoods in all the cities are reasonably safe.

7) For adventure lovers, there's horse riding, 4x4 safaris, rock climbing and hiking.  For taking it easy, nothing on earth compares to the Red Sea and its many spa facilities. The minerals and salt of the Dead Sea are also amazing and very unique.

8) Jordan is a small country where you can find all what you want to have and sometimes all what you dream of. It is traditional and modern. It is oriental and western. It is young and ancient in the same time. It is a bridge between sea and desert. You can enjoy all what you want in Jordan. So, don't be surprised if you fall in love with Jordan.

9) Jordan is one of the richest spots on earth with human history and heritage. It is like a huge museum. You can enjoy the archaeological sites and the ruins from south to north and from east to west. You need months to explore the major sites in Jordan.

10) Jordan is the country of one of the world wonders: PETRA. Petra is indeed one of the most stunning attractions in the Middle East.  Describing Petra in few words is an impossible task. You need to see and believe your eyes. Jordan is also the country that has the lowest spot on earth: the Dead Sea.