Host Family

Can JLA contact you at work?
                                   HOST man-lady
Do you smoke?
                                   Children living at home
Do you have any pets? *


(e.g. Large 4 bed roomed terraced house)
Are study facilities available ?
In the bedroom
In a separate room in the house:

Your Student

Would you prefer to accommodate male or female students? *
Will you accept students throughout the year? *
Are you happy to accept students from any part of the world? *
Do you prefer long or short stay students? *
Are you happy to accept smokers? *
Would you be happy for students to practice a musical instrument? *

Your Offer

you happy to provide packed lunches for young students in the summer *
you happy to cater for vegetarian students? *
Do you let students use the family sitting room, TV, etc? *
Do you sometimes take students on family outings? *
Are you happy to give students a key? *
JLA states that a reasonable amount of personal washing will be done by home stay providers. Are you happy to accept this? *


How did you hear about JLA? *