Why JLA?



Here are some of the major reasons that make people choose Jordan Language Academy:

1) JLA is a young institution that is striving for excellence and high standard education. It came as a fruit of long experience, long termed excellence in teaching Arabic as a second language, hard work, knowledge, qualifications, research, and many other unique qualities among our staff that made this Academy and the people in it; the institution of choice over more than two decades.


2) We, at JLA, are very confident that we offer a very high standard education that is distinguished in the Arab world and possibly globally.

3) Our staff members are university professors and instructors who have long experience and very impressive profiles that make us confident of the teaching quality and proud of having them with us.

4) JLA cares for all the details that help improving the language skills of our students. Our programs include language and culture that include a very wide variety of subjects. Language programs include developing the four basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

5) We are a private independent institution that aims at teaching Arabic language and culture to promote international and intercultural understanding. We expose our students to all available resources of knowledge to deepen their cultural and linguistic knowledge.

6) Students receive a syllabus for each course, specifying the course description, lessons plan, references, textbooks, expected learning outcomes, general rules and students' duties over the course etc. We commit ourselves to these syllabi and students can know in advance what to expect from each course.

7) We at JLA take the pride to offer the following courses and programs accompanied with our cultural and extra-curricula activities.

a) Full-time programs: These are full-semester programs that last for 14 weeks of full time study.

b) Part-time programs: These courses are run on Saturdays and evenings. Usually, they are basic language skills: reading, writing and conversation. We also offer courses in translation and interpretation.

c) Intensive Programs: Is a summer immersion program. It includes language and cultural courses covering many different topics as in the full-time programs, including clubs and excursions.

d) Tailor-made programs: JLA offers tailor-made programs that meet the needs of learners. We can arrange programs and courses to one or more students according to their specific and technical needs. We have done that several times for students from different countries and reached excellent results.

e) Tutoring: JLA offers one-on–one tutoring in which we use our selected curricula or a designed one according to students’ need and request.

f) Cultural Program: Parallel to the language program we have a cultural program that includes Arabic literature, Calligraphy, Archaeology of Jordan, Arabic society, Arabic media, Arabic music, Middle East political issues, Arabic culture (traditions, customs, costumes and Arabic cooking). Advanced programs include language, culture, clubs, and basic courses in translation and interpretation.

g) Speakers: We have a regular program of guest speakers. Our speakers are well-known distinguished people in many cultural fields.

h) Excursions: Learning Arabic is not restricted to classroom education and weekdays. JLA offers a range of optional full and half-day excursions to nearby archaeological sites, natural treasures of Jordan and cultural activities and events. Your professors, specialized tour guides, or archaeologists will accompany you in your tours. Students will be encouraged to practice their Arabic in these excursions. These excursions can be combined with lessons or private tutoring. Tours are usually arranged in weekends.

i) Volunteering: JLA is very keen to find natural cultural opportunities for its students to further immerse in the Arabic culture. Students can strengthen their knowledge of the social life, economic pattern, cultural norms and customs etc, by complementing their language learning experience in an authentic environment far from books and classrooms.

j) Clubs: JLA has the following clubs to encourage students using the language and familiarizing themselves with the culture:

Chatting Club: students will have the chance to sit and chat with a native speaker of Arabic according to a schedule of topics that enforce the topics they studied in classroom. In this club students will have a more spontaneous conversation and can learn from their own mistakes.

Arabic Games Club: Students consider this fun time. They can play Arabic games such as word scrabble, Arabic words flash cards, backgammon, Mangala, Arabic Karaoke, and many other interesting and educational games.

Book Club: The book club is arranged by your professors. Your professors will suggest an Arabic book to be read every fortnight. The professor will give a general presentation on the blogs on the JLA website. During the week, students and the professor will discuss online the main themes, the plot, the style of the writer etc. This proved to be a very informative and useful method to our students as they can learn a lot from their professors and from each other.

Cinema Club: In this club, very selective Arabic films and documentaries are presented to our students at a regular basis.

Cooking Club: One of our enthusiastic teachers will introduce major Arabic and Jordanian and Middle Eastern dishes to our students. Students will participate in preparing dishes and enjoy the food after that.