Since starting at JLA I feel that my Arabic has improved ten-fold. Compared to our other education option for Jordan (the University), the language academy was touted as offering much better one to one contact with native arabic speakers.


Nine weeks in with only a handful of weeks to go, I believe that the Jordan Language Academy has provided an extremely high quality service. I was placed in a group specific to my language ability (advanced), we had to sign a pledge indicating that we would pay 10p every time we were caught speaking English instead of Arabic and there are several lists that aid us if we forget any words.


Overall, I have really seen a huge difference in my Arabic language ability thanks to this outstanding institution!


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Joe Emmons

- James McClaren, University of Manchester



I have been very happy with my studies at JLA from day one with the Amman tour, it was clear that every effort was being made to make our time studying beneficial and fun. In terms of my classes the group sizes were fantastic (only 4 in my class) which gave me great opportunities to talk and made me feel comfortable and relaxed – My class in Damascus was about 25 and I felt quite awkward at first.

The Mix of العامية and الفصحى was great too. The quality of the teaching was excellent.

If I had one criticism it would be that the classes were too long and the lunch break of half an hour not long enough. I struggle with my concentration levels at times! Thanks for a great three weeks.

- Alex Chadwick



I have studied Arabic off and on for two years, I studied Arabic because I want to work with Palestinian refugees. Studying in JLA have been the best out of the 2 other Jordanian Center I’ve been to and my Arabic improved fastest here at JLA.


The teachers here were engaging, the lessons were well executed, the immersion week was very helpful and the topics were interesting. Although life in Jordan is very different but people here are very friendly and nice and I always felt welcomed . I visited whole of Jordan but Aqaba and Petra is the best I liked them most they are my favorite . Jordanian food become my favorite food Mansaf is definitely the best I’ve ever had.

Joe Emmons

- Joe Emmons



I had a positive experience at JLA. My instructors were knowledgeable and engaging and receptive to my needs and preferences. The cultural clubs were by and large informative and interesting. The staff was kind and a wonderful source of assistance during my stay in Jordan.


My vocabulary in both Modern Standard and colloquial Arabic increased enormously as a result of the course, and the instructors were able to increase my comprehension of grammatical concepts. Upon returning to my university's language program, my instructors complimented me on my improvement in language, thanks to JLA.


- Amy Rinkle, University of Utah
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I knew I was stuck and didn't know what to do! I wanted to learn how to read Arabic but I was not sure where to go or what to do first. JLA approached me on a personal level teaching me the fundamentals and basics of the Arabic language. Now I'm more confident and motivated to learn even more. I am learning to enjoy and understand Arabic thanks to the wonderful Staff and Administration at Jordan Language Academy... JLA you’re highly appreciated.


- Eyad Nafal



I am a political science student at Yale University and took private lessons at JLA in the summer of 2011. The JLA program was very responsive to what I needed - they answered emails promptly when I was in the US and found a wonderful teacher that was available while I would be in Jordan, even though I was not there during their regular course offerings. The director was very kind, and invited me to many special lectures and demonstrations. The JLA facilities are also great, with a computer lab and wireless internet access. My teacher was amazing - she was very knowledgeable in fusha and had helpful activities that taught me common phrases and how to better read the newspaper. I learned what speaking mistakes I tended to make and how to continue studying Arabic without Al-Kitaab. In short, JLA is well-organized, friendly and has excellent teachers!


I also stayed with a host family. I believe JLA is one of the only places that is able to organize a stay with a host family and that alone is a great reason to study with JLA.  The family I stayed with was incredibly warm and welcoming. And the food was delicious! They even took me on a trip to Madaba! It always requires flexibility to live with a family that is not your own, but it is a great way to learn about Jordanian culture and daily life. Highly recommended.


- Adi Greif